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  • Experience excellence in service when you visit us! We specialize in Facials, Hand and Foot Treatments, Waxing, Massages and Radiancy Microphototherapy Treatments, Steam Treatments, Detoxifications.  Vidells Day Spay will have you leaving at peace, tranquil, and relaxed.You will be more than pleased with all that we have to offer!

     We offer Skin Care, Massage & Bodywork, Bridal & Special Occasion Styles, and more! Our experienced staff will help you determine the best services for your needs and deliver the kind of quality and value you expect from a professional day spa.

    Our location is designed to make your experience enjoyable and leave you feeling inspired! Check out our complete service menu below to get a feel for what we do. Please note: Service prices and availability are subject to change with out notice. (PRICE CHANGE EFFECTIVE-DECEMBER 2o19    . A 20% ADD AS AN TIP.

    Please note that some prices may vary if you request a personal massage from Videll due to her  masseuse status.



    Let your aches and pains melt away with our professional massage.

    Swedish/ Massage

                          - 60 min----TILL  MARCH / 2022
    1 Hour - $125.00
    1.5 Hours - $150
    2 Hours - $170

    A Swedish Massage is a more medical and precise full body massage focused on realigning muscles to their natural equilibrium and promote Healing. A relaxing massage with a custom blend of essential oils. This soothing and gentle massage helps to stimulate circulation and induce relaxation through the combined sense of smell and touch. The oils penetrate deeply into the body, helping to restore equilibrium to the nervous system, promoting deep relaxation and clarity of mind.




    Endermology is the only FDA-approved method to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Suction and motorized vibrators massage the skin, mobilize the connective tissue, and increase circulation, all of which combine to facilitate the exchange.

    Expectant Mothers Massage

     $ 125.00 and up 
    Prenatal massages are beneficial for expecting mothers that are seeking the end of their 2nd trimester.  This massage focuses on the areas that are aggravated the most during pregnancy.  Our techniques will relieve lower back pain and decrease water retention.

    Trigger Points Massage

    1/2  Hour  -
    1 Hour - 125.00
    1.5 Hours - $160.00
    2 Hours - $190

    The trigger point massage has been rated as the most effective massage in relieving pain from muscles. It helps reduce and remove any stiffness in muscles and improves the flexibility of body parts. It is the most suitable technique for eliminating pain in soft-tissue and any related dysfunctions. The massage helps release tension and improves circulation.

    Deep Tissue Massage

    1/2  Hour  - 
    1 Hour - $145.00
    1.5 Hours - $195.00
    2 Hours - $190
    Deep tissue massage is a form of massage that focuses on all layers of muscles and connective tissue from superficial to deepest. Your masseuse will use slower, stronger strokes and techniques that will penetrate deep into muscles and tissue.  The technique consists of strokes that may be similar to a Swedish massage, but with movement that is slower and pressure that is deeper and concentrated on areas of tension and pain. Your masseuse will utilize a variety of strokes and techniques in order to best meet your particular needs.


    1/2 Hour  - $.
    1 Hour  - $95.00
    1.5 Hours - $.
    2 Hours - $.

    With its origins in Japan, ‘reiki’ literally translates as ‘universal energy’. The massage focuses on fine tuning the flow of life energy through the body, promoting harmony and serenity. At Elemental Embrace, we incorporate gemstones and crystals into the treatment to balance the chakras, and create equilibrium in the body, mind and spirit.


    Custom Massage

    1/2  Hour  -
    1 Hours - $125.oo
    Spending more time on the areas that you specify.

    Hot Stone Massage

    1/2  Hour  - $.
    1 Hour  - $150.00
    1.5 Hours - $195
    2 Hours - $225

    (Heat based, Light Touch, Full body massage)

    Smooth, heated basalt stones are integrated into the massage and placed on key tension areas of the body. The warmth and energy from the hot stones transmits soothing warmth which combined with the pressure of the massage strokes, loosen and melts stiff muscles into submission. Releases stress, creates a feeling of well being, balance and a sense of wholeness. 

    Dimensions Massage

    1/2  Hour  - $.
    1 Hour - $125
    1.5 Hours - $190
    2 Hours - $250

    Reflexology (Feet)

    1/2 Hour  - 
    1     Hours -  $150

    This treatment concentrates on precise reflex points on the feet, based on the premise that feet represent a microcosm of the body; where all organs, glands and other body parts are represented through a specific point.
    soul 2 sole.

    Sports Massage

    1 Hour  - 
    1.5 Hours - $150
    2 Hours - $200

    Thai Massage

    1 Hour  - $100.00
    1.5 Hours - $190.00
    2 Hours - $225.00
    Thai Massage is a profoundly and dynamic massage that combines stretches, muscle compression, and pressure points, to more thoroughly release tension in deep muscle and connective tissue, and help you relax, and feel more grounded and energized.

    Lomi Lomi

    1 Hour - $100
    1.5 Hours - $190
    2 Hours - $250.

    (Deep tissue, Full Body Massage)

    Our traditional Hawaiian ‘Lomi Lomi’ massage boasts several deep tissue massage techniques. This legacy of ‘techniques’ is the product of generations of contribution, and works wonders to deepen your state of consciousness and promote a higher level of healing.


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